As Kubuntu Jaunty arrives

I have moved my blog to wordpress (from, mostly because it supports media uploading from external apps such as Bilbo Blogger.

and editing in Konqueror works too 🙂

Anyhow, as Kubuntu 9.04 is out, I too am feeling very good about this release. I am hearing good things in the forums and mailing lists, and I think this positive buzz is very infectious. KDE 4.2 is simply that good. I compare it to the quality and feature list that first appeared in 3.5.0, And that in only about a year.

The naysayers may scoff, but I don’t care,

KDE3 fans even have a remix now (many, many thanks to Timothy Pearson for all his hard work!)

It is hard to say what specifically sticks out in my mind right now as there are so many parts I like, but they are mostly the little things.

It all seems to fit together so well for me, and for once everything Just Works.

I find it amazing that this ancient Compaq Evo n610c and its’ 2.0 Pentuim M with only 1 gb of ram and equally meager 32mb Ati Radeon Mobility 7500 gpu can run Kwin effects quite nicely.

obligatory screenshot of my uber-l33t desktop, featuring some of my ‘kids’. Notice no Flavor-Flav-sized clocks 😉

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6 thoughts on “As Kubuntu Jaunty arrives

  1. That looks just like Windows 8! My god what are KDE developers thinking? 🙂

    Anyways, I have a route that I cycle as much as possible, and that looks exactly like it, love that wallpaper!

    • I used to have a photo of the same place in the winter with 10+ inches of virgin snow. Lost the film pic before I could scan it 🙁

      I don’t have a vehicle that can take me up that far into the woods anymore, but it would be an awesome bike ride for sure.

  2. I also think that Kubuntu Jaunty is a big step forward and maybe good enough for me to upgrade. But it still has some bugs which will annoy me. I’m surprised about the speed the GUI works. The alpha versions weren’t that snappy at all And I didn’t expect much from it. But now it’s getting close to what I was used to from Hardy (which I still use for now).

  3. I tried Kubuntu 8.04 when it first came out and it was fraught with problems on my slower machine but tried this new version and it is real sharp (I manually upgraded to ext4 without problems and have had no problems since), finally converted from Ubuntu after several years. My only issues deal with the boot up and a flickering kde splash screen (2 annoying flickers that takes the polish off icon fade-in at start-up). Kubuntu seems so much more upscale than Ubuntu.

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