Hello world!

*tap, tap*
Hello to everyone on the Planet!

I am diving into this thing called blogging, lets see how I do.

My name is Clay Weber, claydoh on freenode and just about everywhere on the intarwebs I can.
I am a 42 year old restaurant manager from Brewer, Maine, US and have been using Linux since 2000, and made the complete switch in February of 2002.

As a confirmed KDE user, Kubuntu became my distro of choice sometime after Hoary’s release, and I am a moderator at kubuntuforums

I became a Kubuntu member back in February, but have just recently decided to try out blogging. I do not have any coding, development, or artistic talents so my viewpoint is that of the average Joe User, at least as much as someone using Linux daily for more than six years can be considered ‘average’.

In my spare time (such as it is after 50+ hours a week at work) I run a website for our local flyball team as well as one for our Agility team. Yes, that does mean I am a Dog Person 🙂

That pretty much sums me up.

Feel free to look me up if you have any questions or comments.
And, yes I do plan to get a proper hackergotchi at some point. Honest.


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