Kubuntu and package managers

Kubuntu has had a few package managers over the years…..

Kynaptic, from Kubuntu 5.10

Anyone remember KynapticProbably not. It’s primary complaint? “It’s not Synaptic”

Adept many people remember from Hardy, though it had been in Kubuntu since Breezy.

It’s lack of Synapticness was still a bone of contention.

And then there was Adept 3, for a bit.

Nothing Synaptical there

Along comes KPackagekit, and much gnashing of teeth due to a complete lack of Synapticity, among other things.

Poor KPK slogged on, despite its’ being reviled by many, often a major item on many peoples’ recommendations for the List Of Things To Replace After Installing.

Now enter the scrappy Muon

We find a spanking new program, full of Synapticality, and more. Created by a Kubuntu developer, to boot 🙂 .


Hallelujah! Now we are nearing the Holy Grail of KDE package managers, at least for Debian based systems. Synapicites rejoice!

But Wait!

What has poor KPackageKit been doing the past 6 months? Not giving up without a fight, that’s what!

KPK arrives in Kubuntu 10.10 dressed for success. With an application-centric interface, new features, tools, and improvements, we finally have a default package manager to be proud of. I sure am floored by it.

Kubuntu users now have two quality KDE-based package management tools tools to choose from. How cool is that?

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10 thoughts on “Kubuntu and package managers

  1. I think the lack of a synaptic hasn’t stopped me from moving to Kubuntu. I think too much importance is given to this fact like you mention and the acertiveness is what matters. We are all exposed to changes everyday and it is our will to go where we feel confortable that eventually makes us choose apps.

    A new comer to linux may not even learn the word synaptic if he is face with KDE first.

  2. Anyway, none of them can really replace Synaptic as a package manager. It’s a shame that there have been a perfect package manager for GNOME and a series of crappy package managers for KDE during many years and the situation seems to be continuing at least until Muon is stable enough to be included by default or packagekit gains support to install AND remove packages in the same transaction. Also both of them need to be able to ask questions to the user upon installation and I don’t think that both of this features will be implemented for Kubuntu 11.04. Will we have a decent package manager for Kubuntu 11.10?

    • As you can see from the last image, KPK sure does have Debconf support, with dialogs for user input as required. You also definitely CAN both remove and install software in one go with it as well.

  3. Hi
    Great work.
    1. But is it not possible to make one that resembles closely synaptic?
    2. Will this be the default KDE SC package manager
    3. Will it be possible to select 3 or 4 different packages and then press purge. instead of purging individually.

    • 1. Why? both look good on their own, don’t they?
      2. KPackageKit is default in Kubuntu, and in Fedora’s KDE. Others use their own systems
      3. I dunno

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