Kubuntu Oneiric progress, kmail2 testing

As it get closer to release day, Kubuntu’s 11.10 is shaping up very nicely. KDE 4.7.1brings further polish on what is already a great desktop. Some things in my opinion aren’t really highlighted enough, things the everyday user might find nice.

The network management widget has received some love and attention. It provides for more options, including being able to choose which connection is the system connection, and the ability to edit. disable, and disconnect the pervasive ‘auto eth0’ wired connection from the gui is a welcome Little Thing.

Muon! Software! Center! This should be in the Favorites menu in Kickoff by default!
We should all sing praises to Jonanthan Thomas, it’s creator for bringing usable gui package management goodness to us KDE users. I personally have gotten used to NOT  browsing for fun stuff to try, I was happy to discovered an mail client I had never seen before. Not quite a Little Thing, yes, but but little highlighted.

Since I usually keep my KDE configurations backed up, I sometimes miss the little tweaks, such as what they did to Dolphin’s menu. By turning off the menu bar and adding a separate config buttom a-la Chrome browser and others, it does open some real estate in the file manager’s window. I often use dual panes and terminal in there, the added space makes it nicer while not having to turn off the info pane. A welcome Little Thing, some extra space is.

Now to a Big Thing: Kmail2 migration testing.
As KDE 4.7 now comes  with the new Akonadi-based Kmail2, users will either have to utilize the migration tools, or reconfigure their accounts from scratch. The migration needs testing, more on that in another post.

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