Kubuntu’s Future is still a Blue one

Today Jonathan Riddell announced that our favorite Linux distro will no longer have the same support that it has had for almost its entire history.

It is very sad news to hear that Kubuntu will no longer have the “Official” status it has had for many years.

But what exactly does this mean? What will the future bring for the Blue Gears?

I really don’t know yet precisely what the changes will be, that may take some time to fully flesh out. But I doubt it. The Kubuntu team is already mostly independent, run mostly with its own personality and ideals that stem from those of Ubuntu. The concept of a highly KDE-centric Linix distribution is still a vital and valid one, one that attracted me back in 2005 when my previous distro was killed off.

Kubuntu ain’t going anywhere any time soon. We already have a wonderfully friendly forum  😀 We have all the hard working packaging Ninjas. We have a large, broad range of users all over the world. We will still be a KDE showcase. We will still have the same set of awesome volunteers. We still have the will and means to do what we are already doing.

What will see change is the level of help from YOU, the user and developer community. Some of us will have to ante up and kick it into a higher gear. New contributors will be sought and welcomed. Things will move on, yet i do not foresee any upheavals or intense drama.

Yes, I am trying to pep up some unfortunately bad news. We have a great platform to continue working on, so we continue to work on it.  It isn’t too hard to find the positive amongst all the goodness.

I do want to thank Canonical for providing Jonathan and the Kubuntu community with the resources it has for so long. KDE has benefited imo from the adoption of Kubuntu by its wide range of users, and Canonical and Ubuntu have provided the means for this occur.

Go Blue!!!!

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