My UDS notes, part 1

Honored. Privileged. Amazed.
I like to sum things in a couple of words whenever possible. But that is simply impossible to do in this case, so I think I will break it down into smaller chunks.


First of all I am honored to have been selected to attend UDS and to help represent Kubuntu. Go Blue! (I just realized that I have been using Kubuntu for almost 7 years now, and kubuntuforums is around 6 years. Wow!)


Being on the community side, it has been nice to see so many of us who are less technical here. It is fascinating to watch how the people who do such wonderful work get things done. Surprisingly from the sessions I have attended, it is not as far over my head as I though it would be.


I have seen and experienced many surprising and amazing things in only a few days:

  • Florida is actually quite nice this time of year, I have not sweat too much 🙂
  • EVERYONE is so nice and pleasant, I never sit at a meal alone, and there is always something to discuss, hot tubs to lounge in, places to hang out. I even had my belly rubbed by a complete stranger who was discussing cups filters. I may have had my quadrennial adult beverage, details are sparse.
  • There are many tablet users present of all shapes and sizes. I lust after them greatly, as it makes my measly Droid charge look puny.
  • I won a raffle! A Freescale dev board!! So now Kubuntu have another Arm machine for dev work and testing.
  • Somehow I have lost weight, just enough that I need to find a way to put another hole in my belt.

Qt. KDE. Kubuntu.

We also have a nice that there is a good Qt presence here. And a A KDE developer as well. All cool people as well.

Qt’s qml language seem to be drawing some attention, it looks quite interesting to me as a non coder, but I am somewhat biased 🙂 It looks on the surface to be easy to learn, at least the basics.

Alex’s positive inputs, insights and suggestions from his KDE perspective have been enlightening and well appreciated.

Time to run, I will have another update soon with a more Kubuntu-specific focus.

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