Overheard on the radio as I was falling asleep

As I was dozing off last night, there was a commercial on the radio for a place in Worcester, Massachusetts called The Computer Hospital. The advert was describing how they can fix problems on any system. I was thinking to myself: “I bet they can’t help me figure out my recent Kmail crashiness” as I was entering dreamland. Then the next statement shook me completely awake:

The Computer Hospital is now offering Linux as an alternative OS to all our clients. Discover the fun of a hassle free OS no more viruses or spyware ever again. Tons of free applications for just about any task also run most of your favorite windows apps in a trouble free environment.


This is sooo cool! An actual radio advert offering Linux from a local computer shop! not local to me by about 232 air miles (or a 4.5 hours’ drive) , mind you, and the ad was on at at about 1AM. I am hoping they are aired more often and during more regular hours. The radio station is powerful enough to reach all the way up here to Maine, so there is the potential for a significant number of people in New England to hear about Linux.


2 thoughts on “Overheard on the radio as I was falling asleep

  1. That is great! When people hear something like that on the radio, it gives a sub-concious trust in the idea. It’s unfortunate that advertising works, but I think companies like that are really paving the way. At some point this sort of thing will reach a tipping point. Hopefully companies like this who invest in the idea will also reap some benefits when that happens.

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