Re-discovering KDE, sort of ( or What a difference a year or 5 makes)

I was lucky at the end of this year, and was finally able to satisfy my hardware lust with the leftovers of a small-ish fourth-quarter bonus check. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to purchase something new. I was successful, however in getting a fairly recent refurbished off-lease dual-core Dell Latitude D630. According to it’s service tag, the laptop was born on January 2008, but it looks and feels brand new to me. This isn’t too difficult of a feat, as my other laptops are a Pentium 4-M, 1gb ram Compaq Eco N610C (from 2003) built from spares and held together with electrical tape, and a still-running 233mhz Pentium mmx Thinkpad 770 from 1998.

Kubuntu just seems to fly on the new Dell, and it is rather nice to be able to have full access to Kwin’s awesome effects. Especially blur.

Very especially blur 😀

I also now can play with Desktop Activities, which despite all the attempts to describe them, are basically virtual desktops on steroids 🙂

Yes, Apachelogger is everywhere and I am a fan, err groupie 🙂

Now if I could only figure out how to get Activities to show on a desktop cube I would be in KDE heaven.

Kubuntu Natty also seems to run much better/faster/smoother/efficiently on the old P4 laptops, so much better in fact I began to doubt whether my money wasn’t better spent elsewhere. Until I saw the Blur that is.

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One thought on “Re-discovering KDE, sort of ( or What a difference a year or 5 makes)

  1. Somewhere in the depth of the KDE settings there is one option that says “One activity per virtual desktop” or similar. So you have one activity per cube side. Maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but should work quite nicely 🙂

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