Sometimes it’s the little things that make me go "wow"

I love KDE4 and its look and feel, and am constantly amazed at how it works.

But the one thing that made my jaw drop was a relatively simple feature I discovered while using Konqueror the other day.

When using Firefox, you can highlight some text and do a search on it via the right-click menu. You can do this in Konqueror as well. But highlight an unlinked url text, and the right-click menu offers to open that url for you! This is so simple yet so amazing! I often find unlinked urls in forum posts and in mailing list archives so this feature is quite handy.

I sure hope this isn’t something that’s been around for a while, like Digikam/Kipi’s ability to upload photos to a Gallery album. That revelation almost made me fall out of my chair.

11 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s the little things that make me go "wow"

  1. Something similar in firefox: highlight an unlinked URL and drag it to the tab bar. A new tab opens to the URL. Basically the same function.

  2. But it is such a pain to have to drag it all the way up there 🙂 Especially using a trackpoint on a laptop (which I am still getting used to)

  3. It sure is good to have this feature built in..I miss this feature so much in firefox that I use the PTTL (plain text to link) extension to achieve the same thing.

  4. If you paste a URL anywhere in the content window in Firefox (by middle clicking), it will load that URL. (This obviously doesn’t work if you middle click links or form widgets.) Since it uses the primary selection buffer, you can of course paste URLs from any application in X.

    Unfortunately, Ubuntu disables that behaviour (which is switched on by default in official builds), but you can turn it on by setting middlemouse.contentLoadURL to true.

    IIRC this feature is a legacy of the old X11 Netscape days, so it’s possible that other X11 browsers implement it as well.

  5. @Michael: that goes to show you how much I haven’t used konqui over the years. Currently FF is my secondary browser since I switched to intrepid

    @skoob: That does work ootb in FF in Intrepid for me. But who would think to paste that way?

  6. In FF, highlighting the text and middle clicking the mouse will open the link. Is the feature in Konqueror much different from this?

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