Wow, I blogged

Long time no blog (what else is new?).

I don’t write often. I am not overly wordy when I do.

Much of this is, at least to me, because many other people say things much better than I do. They are also much quicker than I am at getting there.

I have read a few posts about what makes planetubuntu such a wonderful asset to the Ubuntu community, and I agree with all of them. I can’t add much to what has already been said, but do agree that I personally enjoy the heck out of a lot of the non-Ubuntu, non-f/oss content from developers and community folks I have read over the years on the feed.

Here is a quick contribution from my personal life:

Fat Dude Rides a Fixie!

My new wheels – a Fixie Fit for this Fat Frood


On the user side of things, I still see the walled garden, preaching-to the-choir sort of scenarios. I  know this is very likely to be due to my own set of habits and places on the internet that I frequent, but I still feel that this may be more true than we’d like to think it would be.

I won’t talk about Facebook too much, as I don’t use it often enough, and my tiny set of friends there do not give much of a care about things computery, let alone Linuxy. Twitter is in a sense people shouting blurbs out into the wild.

I will talk about Google +, as that is where I spend the most time in terms of social media. I think I have done a good job there of creating a very diverse set of people in my circles, including those who present things I don’t necessarily agree on. There, quite a lot of the Linuxy posts I find are relegated to the Linux-specific communities that I see, or from pages or people with “Linux” in their names. Then there are the posts from the celebrities, popular bloggers, et al. What I don’t see enough of are posts from the great mass of Linux users out there, outside of those communities that sit over there, just out of clear site.

I have to admit that I am guilty of this, at least just a bit. I post silly, rude, and nsfw things far too much. I don’t post much about Kubuntu in my stream. I am also so used to it being so wonderful all the time and having such a fantastic group working on it that I think have begun taking that for granted.

So, what I think I am saying here is that while I think we need more Real Life stuff in our Linux streams, we also need more of the every day Linux things in our Real Life streams, just a little bit.


Omg, kde-connect is awesome! it is one of those things you don’t realize how useful such a simple thing is until you use it!

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